Where can I buy your products?

VIP® branded products are distributed across the U.S. and are carried by the nation’s leading stores. To find a store near you, please visit the Contact Us page and provide us with your address and zip code.

Can I purchase products directly from you?

We are unable to accept direct orders from consumers on frozen products due to product availability and limited resources.

How do I contact the company?

Please visit our Contact Us page. We welcome your questions and comments.

Where are your fruits and vegetables grown?

Our produce is sourced in the U.S. unless otherwise stated on the packaging. We take pride in ensuring the wholesomeness of our products. In fact, all of our produce undergoes thorough quality and safety inspection and is certified to meet all FDA requirements.

Is your fruit washed prior to packaging?

Yes, the fruit is washed and then individually quick frozen before it is packaged.

Are your Steamable bags safe to use in microwaves?

Yes, we use a microwave-safe plastic that is designed and approved for microwave applications.

Are your products gluten free?

Most of our products do not contain gluten, but our facility processes products containing gluten. Please check individual labels for specific ingredients.

Do frozen vegetables contain additives or chemicals?

There are no additives or chemicals in VIP branded fruits and vegetables. Our products are picked at the peak of perfection and individually quick frozen to lock in flavor, quality and nutrition.

How can I check my product for ingredients I might be allergic to?

Please refer to the allergen statement on all product packages for accurate ingredient information. This can be found near the nutrition facts and ingredient listings.

Do you sell GMO products?

Our company does not purchase ingredients that are known to include Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). However, our suppliers will not guarantee that their products are GMO free due to the use of shared storage silos and transport vessels. As such, we cannot guarantee that our products are GMO free.

Do you offer any recipes for your products?

Yes, we provide recipes for many of our products. Please visit the individual product pages for great recipes and usage ideas.

What is the best way to store frozen products?

Keep foods frozen in their original packaging until ready to use. We recommend using frozen foods within three months of purchase.

Can I refreeze the product after it has been cooked or thawed?

We do not recommend refreezing a product; this can make it susceptible to freezer burn.

Is freezer burn harmful to my health?

Freezer burn won't make you sick, but it will change the quality, color, taste and texture of the product. Product that has freezer burn usually has white, dried-out patches.