VIP Foods


Premium vegetables and vegetable blends.

IQF Fruit

Frozen fruit individually quick frozen (IQF) at the peak of ripeness.

Home Fixins

Individual vegetables and vegetable blends created to make home cooking quick and easy.

Stir Fry

Exotic vegetable blends from around the world make stir-frying easy.

Veggie combos

Vegetable blends to make your meals delicious and colorful.


A flavorful blend of IQF fruits and our special smoothie packet.

Pastry Shells

Mini tart shells ready to fill and bake.


Fruits and berries
Our vegetables and fruit are picked at the peak of perfection and quick frozen to lock in flavor and all the nutrition of fresh.
With VIP, you can serve the Very Important People in your life great tasting, healthy meals, quickly!

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